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The Chameleon Traveller

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The Chameleon Traveller is the highly popular cinematic novel written and cover Illustrated by Stefan Bilson.

It is his first full length fantasy feature and second to feature magic and time travel.

Story of Colour[]


A group of intrepid circus performers are transformed into strange colourful beasts by a Circus Gypsy who'se heart has been broken by one of the perfomers.

The performer in question who now goes by the title of the Chameleon Traveller as his colourful body can change it's appearence enlists the help of a boy travelling with his parents.


  • The Chameleon Traveller
  • Little Boy Evan Namble
  • Gypsy Lenore
  • Christoph
  • Waltz
  • Merick
  • Statue Hairnslow- The Primary Antagonist a cursed man whom broke the heart of his former bride to be and as a result was made into a colossal living statue