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The Bilson Wikia is a free encyclopedia dedicated to the amazing author never seen and never known. The secretive life and works of acclaimed writer/ Illustrattor Stefan Bilson from the wonderful Woo-World of Woo-Town and beyond! From his beginner short stories during the depression such as the bespectaled Penguin Nobody on his journey to Hell and Back to Be Noticed. He pushed the limits of Imagination and Realism with the truly Amazing Stories divolged from a travelling man with many colours. The acclaimed the Chameleon Traveller in which a spurned love, a wretched broken heart and a man who defies morals takes flight with a swooped up young youth to bring him and his lonely friends back to who they were. The Drama and Miraculous Sadness behind Reptile Boys as a group of four boys fall victim to violence and power driven men in 70's Burma. The Horror and Suspense of May Day, Life of the Party and the Spider. The Fantasy of the incredible novels Elementals books 1-4. The Stefan Bilson Wiki is a free database full of amazing disguise, travel, bravery and heart that anyone can edit! -With Regards a Bilsoneer-

The Most Bizzare Story[]

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The Chameleon Traveller is one of the first full length novelizations of the mysterious man of Wonder.

Mixing a Combination of Time Travel, Vivid Colour and Spurned Love was nothing short of impossible but enjoyably possible for the young Stefan.

The story of a travelling gypsy her travelling magic man, a dark secret and the transformation of the most bizarre people the world has ever seen.


The Offerings of Stefan Rodney Bilson[]

Books Of the Children Horror of the Imagination
The Chameleon Traveller Gross Greta and Booger Benjamin The Spider
Reptile Boys May Day
May Day Blackberry Bridge
Life of the Party Chains
Amazing Life of the Party

Hell and Other Places[]



8th Hell,

The Nobody and the Somebody:[]

Hell's Gate,

Visitor Check In,

Pit of Despair

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